Words of Topic: Home

Word group for topic: Home, it helps to enhance speaking and writing skills in English tests, especially for ESL students who are working for IELTS, TOEFL, and GRE exams.
 Word Group By Topic: Home

currently  Speak
at the present time
I currently live in a house with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, with a dining area and kitchen.
afford  Speak
to be able to buy or do something because you have enough money or time
We can't afford another trip abroad this year.
yard  Speak
an area of land next to a building that usually has a hard surface and that is used for a special purpose
The house has a small yard at the back.
veranda  Speak
a roofed platform along the outside of a house, level with the ground floor
I'll be on the veranda.
spot  Speak
a particular place
The house is in a good spot.
outskirts  Speak
the outer parts of a town or city
Hours later we reached the outskirts of New York.
uniquely  Speak
in a way that is unusual or special in some way
The town is uniquely situated between two glacial lakes and is surrounded by natural beauty.
patio  Speak
an area outside a house with a solid floor but no roof, used in good weather for relaxing, eating, etc.
In the summer we have breakfast out on the patio.
port  Speak
an opening in the side of a ship for boarding or loading
The outside would have a garden and car port.
barbeque  Speak
a meal that is prepared and eaten outdoors using such a frame, often during a party
He made some salads to have with the barbecue.
apartment block  Speak
a large building made up of smaller units of apartments
They lived in the same apartment block and often dined together.
back garden  Speak
a garden at the rear of the house
She's in the back garden cutting the grass.
detached house  Speak
a house that is not joined to any other house
We live in a three - bedroom detached house in the suburbs.
suburb  Speak
a residential area on the edge of towns or cities
His family lived in the suburbs.
terraced house  Speak
a row of similar houses joined together by their side walls. US and Canadian names: row house, town house
Her large, Victorian terraced house is her pride and joy.
dream home  Speak
a home you regard as perfect
They found their dream home on the shore of a lake.
layout  Speak
the way that something is arranged
I like the layout of the house.
troublesome  Speak
causing worry or anxiety
The troublesome fact is that we haven’t gotten much done.
fully-furnished  Speak
a rented property with all furniture included
There is a fully-furnished apartment for rent near your office.
hall of residence  Speak
a college or university building where students live
Most first-year students live in the halls of residence.
home comforts  Speak
things in a house that make it comfortable
I miss my home comforts when I'm away.
house-warming party  Speak
a party given after moving into a new home
We were invited to my best friend's house-warming party two months ago.
exhausting  Speak
making one feel very tired
I've had an exhausting day.
move into  Speak
to start living a property
I want you to move into my apartment. We've a spare room.
chill out  Speak
to relax completely
I'm just chilling out in front of the TV.
permanent address  Speak
a fixed address
A driver's license must show a permanent address.
ideal home  Speak
a perfect home
Finally he bought his ideal home.
single room  Speak
a room for one person
Jack had booked a single room for Amy.
spacious room  Speak
a large room
It was a spacious room on the second floor of the house overlooking the garden.
cozy  Speak
warm and comfortable
It's that kind of feeling that makes it cozy, makes it good to live here