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parlor   Speak
n. a sitting room in a private house
makeshift   Speak
a, serving as a temporary substitute; sufficient for the time being
grim   Speak
a. causing feelings of sadness or worry, gloomy or depressing
respiratory   Speak
a. relating to breathing
quarantine   Speak
v. impose isolation on
spearhead   Speak
v. lead an attack or movement
disruptive   Speak
a. causing or tending to cause disorder or trouble
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 SAT Test - How to Prepare Vocabulary

Millions of high school students take part in SAT exams every year. Some of them start to prepare the exam from 11th grade or even 10th grade because SAT score plays an important role in college admission. For students who are planning to top universities, SAT offers a fair scale to assess their academic skills nationwide.

High school report cards and reference letters are indeed critical to apply for top universities. However, how do the universities select future students from separate school districts, states, and countries? SAT or ACT, the independent academic exam, acts like a ruler to help schools decide whether a student matches its academic criteria. In general, all colleges and universities need applicants to provide SAT or ACT score. If you are planning to apply for top universities, prepare SAT as early as possible.

Although the SAT includes subject tests, and the general SAT has a Math section, in nature, the SAT is an English skill exam. Its core, general SAT, focuses on reading and writing tests. So, the English level is the foundation to get a high score. Only if a test taker has strong English capability, he or she has a chance to challenge top score. It is why lots of students' main job to prepare SAT is to enhance their English language.

English is the principal subject in high school. Enrich it means various jobs, from practicing grammar to building vocabulary. Here we especially emphasize SAT vocabulary because it is the base of other language skills. Either reading or writing would fail by a weak vocabulary. On the other side, build vocabulary is usually the toughest task and costs the most time in all tasks.

SAT vocabulary is one of the controversial points in high school education. SAT organizer claims the test wouldn't emphasize on size of student's vocabulary, but all we know that vocabulary skill is the base of language skill. SAT doesn't test difficult words exclusively. It's true, but never means vocabulary isn't important in the SAT exam anymore. Of course, the content and size of SAT vocabulary are changing in recent years. New SAT words are easier to master by common students.

Build SAT vocabulary isn't easy, and it's even a hard job of more than one year if you target an excellent score. As all English exams, vocabulary level will impact the final score. Thus, many students have to spend much time to learn and review SAT words. How to do the job efficiently is usually a hot topic among SAT test-takers. We set up this website and bring new IT tools to let preparing SAT easier and faster.

This website concentrates on SAT vocabulary preparation. For students who are preparing the SAT exam, especially in vocabulary building, it is the right place. We understand students are different in levels and purposes. Some are going to apply for top universities; some only need basic score for local college admission. So we do our best to collect diverse resources for test-takers, including popular SAT word lists, apps, experiences, e-books, and other materials. We hope SAT test-takers can get useful stuff from this web site.
SAT Word Lists

Many SAT vocabulary builders used to work with word lists. Because of the diversity of use cases, original levels, and score expectations, they need different word list. We collect eight lists there to help test takers prepare SAT vocabulary.

3000 Common SAT Vocabulary List:   Enter

It is a middle-level word list for SAT test-takers; offers definitions and interactive exercises for each word. If you seriously want to get a high score and are ready to spend enough time to build SAT vocabulary, this list is the right candidate. Try some content quickly; you may find it will help very much in your SAT preparing. Samples...
intermittent:  Read
a. Syn. periodic
periodic; on and off; stopping and starting at intervals

interrogate:  Read
question closely; examine by questioning formally or officially

interrupt:  Read
v. Syn. impede; discontinue
terminate; make a break in

intestine:  Read
inward; internal with regard to a state or country; domestic; not foreign

SAT Essay Vocabulary:   Enter

This essay vocabulary, useful but not very long, consists of 2 groups of SAT words with moderate difficulty. Most students can learn or review them in 2 weeks; some can even finish in 1 week. This short vocabulary is an ideal tool to enhance SAT writing words with examples and contexts. Samples...
innuendo:  Read
hint; indirect implication , usually malicious

insipid:  Read
lacking flavor or zest; not tasty; dull

instigate:  Read
goad or urge forward; provoke; incite

intrepid:  Read
fearless; indicating or springing from courage

Hard SAT Word List:   Enter

This hard SAT word list is a middle size vocabulary. These 500 words are selected to prepare SAT for students who are applying for top universities. So, this SAT word list is a set of difficult words. We recommend students to challenge it only after finishing common SAT vocabularies. Samples...
dilemma:  Read   predicament; state of uncertainty or between equally unfavorable options

dirge:  Read   a piece of music of a mournful character, to accompany funeral rites; funeral hymn

discern:  Read   detect; perceive

discrepancy:  Read   lack of consistency; difference

Difficult Words with Sentences:   Enter

When you study and review difficult SAT words, especially new word, a good example sentence helps very much. Here we list top 200 most difficult SAT words with example sentences. We do believe learning words with sentences is the key to master top difficult words in a short time. Samples...
truculent:  Read
/'trukjələnt, 'trʌkjʊlənt/ a. Syn. belligerent
disposed to fight; belligerent; aggressively hostile
The bully was initially truculent but eventually stopped picking fights at the least provocation.

turpitude:  Read
/'tɜrpɪtju:d/;/-tu:d/ n. Syn. depravity
depravity; corrupt, depraved, or degenerate act
A visitor may be denied admittance to this country if she has been guilty of moral turpitude.

ubiquitous:  Read
/ju:'bɪkwɪtəs/ a. Syn. omnipresent
being or existing everywhere; omnipresent
That Christmas "The Little Drummer Boy" seemed ubiquitous; we heard the tune everywhere.

usurp:  Read
/'jʊzəp/ v. Syn. appropriate
seize and hold power or rights of another by force or without legal authority
The revolution ended when the victorious rebel general succeeded in his attempt to usurp the throne.

3600 SAT Vocabulary List:   Enter

It is a relatively full SAT vocabulary list. Students can look up definitions on demand. By default, only words display. This design helps to go through all the words quickly. If you want to get the explanation of a word, click the lookup button to retrieve it. It is a handy tool to review SAT words in a fast way. Samples...
nadir:    Read   lookup definition narcissist:    Read   lookup definition nascent:    Read   lookup definition nauseate:    Read   lookup definition

300 Common SAT Words:   Enter

This list is a middle-level SAT vocabulary. If you are ESL (English as Second Language) student, you may select definitions from 20 languages and merge them with original English explanation. ESL students who are planning to apply for good (but not top) universities may try this list to assess their English vocabulary skills. Samples...
petulant:  Read
/'pɛtjʊlənt/ a. Syn. irritable
easily irritated or annoyed; unreasonably irritable or ill-tempered
Her narrow face was fixed in petulant defiance.

philistine:  Read
/'fɪlɪstaɪn/;/-sti:n/ n.
narrow-minded person, uncultured and exclusively interested in material gain
We need more men of culture and enlightenment; we needn't any philistine among us.

pillage:  Read
/'pɪlɪdʒ/ v. Syn. plunder
rob of goods by force, especially in time of war; plunder; take as spoils
The enemy planned to pillage the quiet village and leave it in ruins.

pious:  Read
/'paɪəs/ a. Syn. devout; religious
devout; religious; exhibiting strict, traditional sense of virtue and morality
The challenge for church people today is how to be pious in the best sense, that is, to be devout without becoming hypocritical.

100 Most Common SAT Vocabulary:   Enter

In the most common SAT vocabulary, we provide main elements, such as pronounce, synonym, and definition. Besides, we add multiple language explanations to help ESL (English as Second Language) students learn them through mother language. It's a quick tool to estimate SAT vocabulary capability. Samples...
superfluous:  Read
a. Syn. unnecessary; excessive; overabundant
being beyond what is required or sufficient

surreptitious:  Read
a. Syn. secret; furtive; sneaky; hidden
secret; done or made by stealth, or without proper authority; made or introduced fraudulently

transient:  Read
a. Syn. momentary; temporary; transitory
momentary; temporary; staying for short time

vindicate:  Read
v. Syn. exonerate
clear from blame; exonerate; maintain, uphold, or defend

100 SAT Vocab Samples:   Enter

It is a well-known short SAT vocab. It will improve your test performance just by studying in hours or exercising on days, although it isn't adequate to get a high score. We select these words from official SAT samples or previous test papers, short but useful. This SAT vocab is usually the first list to start the harsh SAT words building journey. Try it, and God speed! Samples...
prosperity:  Read
good fortune; financial success; physical well-being

prudent:  Read
cautious; careful in regard to one's own interests

rancorous:  Read
showing deep-seated resentment

reclusive:  Read
withdrawn from society; seeking solitude

SAT Vocabulary Web Apps

Web apps are easy to access anytime and anywhere. Some SAT vocabulary builders used to learn and review English words by software. Web apps are one of their favorites. We collected some SAT vocabulary related apps; they are excellent online vocabulary tools, designed to speed up SAT preparation, and proven by tens of thousands of users.

SAT Vocabulary Test Online:   Enter

It's an online SAT word test by random to check if a test-taker gets the SAT vocabulary level. It provides a flexible and game-style practice mode on the Internet, and is also an excellent quiz tool to evaluate vocabulary progress.
SAT Vocabulary Test Online
Difficult SAT Words:   Enter

For students who are trying to apply for top universities, they also need top SAT scores to support their application materials. They usually learn more difficult SAT words than others. This app is designed for these students to accumulate hard SAT words in a fast and convenient way.
Difficult SAT Words
Vocabulary Study Online - SAT:   Enter

The SAT vocabulary skill differences among individual students are huge. Different SAT vocabularies can cover the requirements of different students; however, others still hope to leverage more flexible tool to fit with their personalized vocabulary building. VOS (Vocabulary Study Online) can load multiple word lists, including customized word lists and 6 SAT vocabularies on this website. With a smart algorithm, it manages your SAT words and schedules learn/review activities. It's a flexible and efficient online English vocabulary app.
Vocabulary Study Online - SAT
English Vocabulary builder - SAT:   Introduction    Download

English Vocabulary Builder is a Windows app for SAT test-takers. It has a near 4000 words list with definitions and examples. Students can schedule paces and manage plan individually, who can adjust course content, such as adding new words, updating existing definitions, examples, and notes. The tool can feedback accurate reports to improve study efficiency. It's a proven helper to speed up vocabulary building, the hardest job in SAT preparing.
English Vocabulary builder - SAT
SAT Tips

Although the website focuses on SAT vocabularies, we know SAT test-takers concern all opinions and ideas that may help SAT exam preparation easier and faster. Here we collect some useful articles, including tips, experiences, and training materials. Their topics are mainly vocabulary and how to build vocabulary, but a few are also involved with other matters that we believe SAT test-takers are interested.

SAT Vocabulary Spelling Test:   Enter

Spelling is critical in the SAT writing test. Interactive practice are an effective way to improve spelling skill. All SAT vocabularies of this website provide each word an online spelling card. Namely, based on various SAT word lists, lots of interactive spelling exercises are available to try. It offers an excellent resource to prepare and practice SAT writing words.

Print SAT Vocabulary Flashcard:   Enter

Flashcard is a common tool for students to memorize something. SAT vocabulary flashcard is similarly. However, it's usually a hard task to get a set of SAT word flashcard that fits for your circumstance because every student has one's original vocabulary base and separate pursuit. This website offers resources to produce personalized SAT vocabulary flashcards.

Single Choice SAT Vocabulary Quiz:   Enter

Online and interactive quiz, like single choice, is an excellent option to keep known or half-known words warm. All SAT word lists of the website have developed dynamic single choice quiz for each word. One quiz has four definitions as options to choose; it is made by random and doesn't repeat. You may go to any word list and select group, trigger it with just a click.

Download SAT Vocabulary PDF:   Enter

PDF is easy to read and print. SAT Vocabulary PDF is a standard format to learn and review words. Besides, some people prefer to have their own PDF file of SAT word lists for various reasons. If you want one but don't have yet, you are in the right place. This article tells you how to do it. Don't miss this free and convenient method to make and download your SAT PDF file.


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