Elementary Grammar Exercise

Adjective - Set:1 Fill in by Adjective
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Exercise: Select the right adjective to fill in the sentence.


An adjective is a word that describes a person or thing.
an old car
a sweet girl
Mexican food

An adjective can be used in front of a noun.
They have a beautiful garden.
He is working at a Japanese restaurant.

Sometimes it can be used after a link verb like be, look, feel.
My hands are cold.
I don't feel well.
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1. Aunt Jane is really _____ lady.
Exercisean old sweet

Exercisea sweet, old

Exercisea sweet old

2. Those are probably the _____ cloths in the store.


Exercisemost fanciest

3. My family was home for the holidays. What could make for _____ Christmas than that?
Exercisea merryer

Exercisethe merriest

Exercisea merrier

4. We grew up in _____ house in New York City.
Exercisea comfortable little

Exercisea comfortable, little

Exercisea little, comfortable

5. Casino Jack is the _____ movie I've ever seen.
Exercisemost excited

Exercisemost exciting

Exercisemost excitable

6. My cold is definitely _____ today.



7. In the morning, the valleys tend to be _____ than the hilltops.


Exercisemore foggier

8. Peter wanted to take a course with _____ professor.
Exercisethat interesting new Japanese economics

Exercisethat Japanese interesting, new economics

Exercisethat interesting, new, Japanese, economics

9. The Karmen-Ghia used to be _____ sports car.
Exercisea fine German

Exercisea German, fine

Exercisea fine, German

10. Of all the teachers in the school, James is surely _____.
Exercisethe least competent.

Exercisethe less competent.

Exercisethe competentest.

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