Elementary Grammar Exercise

Article - Set:3 Fill In By Article
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Fill in the blank with the appropriate article: a, an, or the.


"an" is used when the first sound of the next word is a vowel sound.
an eye
an umbrella
an hour
an English book...

Consonants can create a vowel sound, and vowels can create a consonant sound. The use of an is determined by the sound, not the letter.

A horse
An honest man
an unidentified American soldier
a uniform

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1. He stayed at home last night and listened to ____ radio.
2. Mrs. Sally Jones is not at ____ office, she will be back soon.
3. You must write done, here is ____ pen.
4. I had ____ terrible headache yesterday.
5. He sent me ____ letter; the letter didn't arrive.
6. Paul's father works as ____ electrician.
7. His car does 150 miles ____ hour.
8. She has never been to ____ Alps before.
9. The little girl loves ____ flowers in my garden.
10. Chris is playing ____ trumpet.

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