Elementary Grammar Exercise

Clause - Set:4 Object Clause - Indirect Speech
Exercise: Change direct speech to indirect speech by object clause.

"I am writing a letter" (she said)
The answer should be
"She said that she was writing a letter."
 Answer Sheet
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1. "We are worried about Peter" (they said)
2. "My wife works for an IT company" (Mr. Johnson said)
3. "I feel ill" (the little boy told his mother)
4. "I shall see them next Monday" (she said)
5. "I have lived here for two years" (he told me)
6. "I met her in the street before" (he said)
7. "I shall tell them the news soon" (she said)
8. "I walked home after the party" (he said to me)
9. "I saw him in school" (she said)
10. "I met her last month" (he said)

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