Elementary Grammar Exercise

It - Set:3 Preparatory Object
Exercise: use "it" as preparatory object to make sentences with given words and phrases.

she, find, to make tea, easy
The answer should be
"She finds it easy to make tea."
 Answer Sheet
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1. we, think, to learn English well, possible
2. the children, find, to watch the birds build nests, interesting
3. he, feel, to do his work well, a duty
4. sometimes we, find, to decide what is the best thing to do, hard
5. I, think, that she didn't come to the party, strange
6. we, think, to practice English as much as possible, a good idea
7. I, think, to talk about a person behind his back, improper
8. I, think, reciting English grammar rules, no use
9. the teacher, make, that everyone must finish essay in 20 minutes, clear
10. we, believe,to cross the street during the rush hour, difficult

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