Elementary Grammar Exercise

Perfect Tense - Set:7 Future Perfect Tense
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Exercise: Fill in blank to make sentences in the future perfect tense.

We ___ the project by next New Year. (finish)
The answer should be "shall have finished".
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1. By seven o'clock they ___ dinner. (have)
2. He ___ his second book by next July. (write)
3. I ___ back by the time you come. (come)
4. We ___ at his house before it gets dark. (arrive)
5. The movie ___ before they get there. (start)
6. I hope it ___ raining by 6 o'clock. (stop)
7. They ___ building the house before winter. (finish)
8. I'm sorry I can't see you at eight this evening; I ___ work by then. (not finish)
9. The birds ___ away before winter comes. (fly)
10. Three years from now he ___ abroad for 5 years. (be)

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