Elementary Grammar Exercise

Mood - Set:5 Generic Exercise - Verb
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Exercise: Fill in blanks with given verbs in the correct tense and mood.

He ___ if he had known. (go)
The answer should be "would have gone".
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1. You will be ill if you ___ so much. (eat)
2. If he were older, he ___ more sense. (have)
3. I ___ for a swim if it is fine. (go)
4. If you did as I told you, you ___. (succeed)
5. Your parents ___ happier if you called them more often. (be)
6. The cup would have broken if you ___ it. (not catch)
7. They would do it if they ___. (can)
8. The old woman ___ if the car hadn't stopped quickly. (be killed)
9. We ___ the play better if it hadn't been so long. (enjoy)
10. He ___ that hat if it were not so expensive. (buy)

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