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Article - Set:10 Place Name and The
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Exercise: choose the right place names to complete sentences.


Some places names with no "the", but others with "the":

Cases without "the":
continents, most countries
states, counties
towns, most streets
lakes, most mountains

Cases with "the":
seas, rivers, deserts
mountain and island groups
name include common noun
most buildings
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1. We went on a boat trip on ___.
Exercisethe Mississippi

Exercisethe Lake Superior

2. They are hoping to drive across ___.


3. My brother works in ___.

ExercisePeople's Republic of China

4. There are 4 countries in ___.
Exercisethe Britain

Exercisethe United Kingdom

5. Here's a photo of Annie in ___.

ExerciseOxford Street

6. Joe has a small farm near ___.
Exercisethe Marseille

Exercisethe Mediterranean

7. There are a lot of European immigrants in ___.
Exercisethe USA

Exercisethe America

8. This is a piece of rock from ___
Exercisethe Himalayas

Exercisethe Mount Everest

9. The hotel is just opposite ___.
Exercisethe Playhouse

Exercisethe Victoria Avenue

10. From the plane we have a nice view of ___.
ExerciseRiver Rhine

ExerciseMont Blanc

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