Elementary Grammar Exercise

Future Tense - Set:5 Future Continuous Tense
Exercise: Fill in blank with given words in future continuous tense.

We ___ the park next Sunday afternoon. (visit)
The answer should be "shall be visiting"

 Answer Sheet
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1. I ___ an old friend of mine tomorrow morning. (see)
2. He ___ to the meeting. (not come)
3. At this time on Sunday Jane ___ lunch with me. (have)
4. She ___ detective stories over the weekend. (read)
5. They ___ our letters to USA. (mail)
6. Tomorrow is Sunday, so Mrs. Smith ___ to church after breakfast. (go)
7. This time on tomorrow I ___ to Seattle by air. (go)
8. Please don't call me between one and three o'clock, I ___ then. (work)
9. Please don't disturb me; I ___ in the study till lunch. (type)
10. Sorry, I can't come to the party as I ___ all evening. (work)

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