Elementary Grammar Exercise

There Be - Set:2 Interrogative And Negative
Exercise: Make sentences with given words and phrases by "there be".

a plane at airport (declarative)
The answer should be
"There is a plane at airport."

a tree in front of the house (interrogative).
The answer should be
"Is there a tree in front of the house?"

flowers in the garden (negative)
The answer should be
"There aren't flowers in the garden."
 Answer Sheet
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1. a long silence in the room (declarative).
2. a good movie in town today (interrogative).
3. lots of doctors in the hospital (interrogative).
4. any tickets left (negative)
5. a person here who speaks Chinese (negative).
6. a lot of things to do here (declarative)
7. a reading list for course (negative).
8. many wild animals in the forest (declarative)
9. much sugar in the bowl (interrogative).
10. enough money to buy that raincoat (negative).

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