Elementary Grammar Exercise

Clause - Set:6 Object Clause - Question Word
Exercise: Change question sentence to indirect speech with object clause.

"Is it time to go?" He asked me.
The answer should be
"He asked me if it was time to go."
 Answer Sheet
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1. "How old is the boy?" She asked.
2. "Do they live on the campus?" The guest asked the guide.
3. "When does the train leave?" He wanted to know.
4. "Is the manager busy?" She asked me.
5. "Did Chris see the game before?" He asked me.
6. "How much did the car cost?" He asked me.
7. "Who are you?" He asked.
8. "What is your name?" He asked me.
9. "Are you all right?" He asked me.
10. "Do you know John?" Chris asked Anne.

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