Elementary Grammar Exercise

Mood - Set:1 Indicative Mood
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Exercise: Fill in blanks by the given verb in the indicative mood.

If I see Matt, I ___ him your story. (tell)
The answer should be "shall tell".
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1. She will feel much better if she ___ this medicine. (take)
2. If we ___ at once, we shall catch the early train. (leave)
3. If it ___ too much, I shall buy a smaller one. (cost)
4. We ___ a picnic lunch if the boy is fine. (have)
5. I shan't require an umbrella if it ___. (not rain)
6. He ___ the answer if he looks at the back of the book. (find)
7. What shall we do if the taxi ___?(not come)
8. She ___ worried if you don't come to the airport. (be)
9. Will you call me if there ___ any problem? (be)
10. The chairman will ask the speaker if he ___ any questions. (have)

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