Elementary Grammar Exercise

Conjunction - Set:9 Conjunction plus Clause
Exercise: Some conjunctions can introduce clauses made with present or past participles. Complete the sentences with right verb forms.


The present participle clauses are commonly used with after, before, when, while, and since; the past participle clauses are usually used with until, when, and if.

In both cases, the logic subject of clause is as same as the main sentence.

 Answer Sheet
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1. I usually have a snack before ___ to bed. (go)
2. After ___ to you I felt better. (talk)
3. When ___, he denied everything. (question)
4. Look in the mirror before ___ off. (drive)
5. When ___, he was carried a loaded gun. (arrest)
6. Your money back if ___ . (not satisfy)
7. Don't go swimming immediately after ___. (eat)
8. How many jobs have you had since ___ school? (leave)
9. I often listen music while ___. (work)
10. The parcel will arrive within 24 hours if ___ by express delivery. (send)

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