Elementary Grammar Exercise

Passive Voice - Set:3 Make Passive Voice
V2.107 (Latest revised: March 15, 2022)
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Exercise: Change sentences to the passive voice without "by clause".

They are building three hotels.
The answer should be
"Three hotels are being built."
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1. We are widening the streets.
2. They have planned a new zoo.
3. They had received over 300 letters by the end of the summer.
4. People were repairing the old house this time last year.
5. We can hear strange sounds from upstairs.
6. Somebody took the vase on the table.
7. They can't finish the work very easily.
8. It saves a lot of trouble.
9. Thieves stole her watch.
10. We mustn't take the books out of the reading room.

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