Elementary Grammar Exercise

Ellipsis/Inversion - Set:2 So/Nor/Neither
Exercise: Make sentences with "So ..." or "Nor ...".

Mary is pretty. (Jane)
The answer should be
"So is Jane."

I don't go to the movies much. (my brother)
The answer should be
"Nor does my brother."
 Answer Sheet
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1. He is ready. (she)
2. They are not lazy. (I)
3. The students of English do well. (the students of French)
4. I don't need any money. (my sister)
5. The clerk typed all day yesterday. (the secretary)
6. She did not lose her basket. (my mother)
7. He has met the new manager. (I)
8. I haven't pay the gas bill yet. (my neighbour)
9. His sister will be a good actress. (his brother)
10. They cannot understand Japanese. (we)

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