Elementary Grammar Exercise

Gerund - Set:5 Gerund Or Infinitive
V2.107 (Latest revised: March 15, 2022)
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Exercise: Fill in the blank with gerund or infinitive.

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1. They have suggested ___ the lesson a little later. (have)
2. Do you mind ___ a litter later too? (come)
3. ___ without any play becomes very dull. (work)
4. Dogs can find their way home by ___ the ground. (smell)
5. I'm afraid I never have leisure ___ very much. (read)
6. I remember ___ letters for my father when I was a child. (post)
7. Please remember ___ your notebook tomorrow. (bring)
8. I shall never forget ___ the Great Wall for the first time. (see)
9. I must ask you to stop ___. (sing)
10. They felt tired after a day's work; they wanted to stop ___. (rest)

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