Elementary Grammar Exercise

Conjunction - Set:7 Simplified Tense
Complete the sentences by given words in right tense.


When using conjunction to join sentences, if the time is made clear in one sentence, this may be enough. In this case, after many conjunctions, like when, before, after, until, as soon as, and if, we usually use present tense to replace future tense.

An exception is for indirect or direct questions, if and when can be followed by "will".
 Answer Sheet
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1. I'll tell you when I ___ myself. (know)
2. Let's go out after the rain ___. (stop)
3. They have not said when it ___ ready. (be)
4. We'll leave as soon as the children ___ out of school. (get)
5. I ___ here until you have time to move a bit. (wait)
6. If you ___ it like that, it'll break. (hold)
7. I don't know if he ___ there. (be)
8. Will you stay here until the plane ___ off? (take)
9. If you ___ there early, keep a seat for me. (get)
10. It ___ dark before we get home. (be)

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