Elementary Grammar Exercise

Adverb - Set:1 Fill In By Adverb
Fill in adverb to complete sentence.

If word in brackets is adjective, you should transform it to adverb. E.g. change "loud" to "loudly" before filling in.


An adverb is a word that modifies or qualifies an adjective, verb, or other adverb.
Many adverbs end in “-ly”:
quickly loudly badly financially truthfully delicately expertly randomly

Some adverbs tell the place of an action, or where it occurred:
here there everywhere inside upstairs

Some adverbs tell when an action occurred, or its time:
first early yesterday later often never monthly always

Some adverbs can describe to what extent something was done or an action was executed:
only quite very too rather almost also almost

 Answer Sheet
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1. She ____(quiet) closed the door.
2. This lesson is ____(awful) difficult.
3. I'm ____(terrible) sorry to be late.
4. The post office has ____(already) closed.
5. Is she still working ____(there)?
6. His advice was ____(very) wise.
7. I ____(always)call my friends at the weekend.
8. I have ____(never) drunk so much wine.
9. My younger sister can speak ____(clear).
10. Have you ____(ever) been in the building?

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