Elementary Grammar Exercise

Participle - Set:4 Participle Phrase
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Exercise: Change clause to participle phrase.

As I was thoroughly tired, I decided to go to bed.
The answer should be "Being thoroughly tired"
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1. Because I believed him to be honest, I lent him some money.
2. When I sat at the window, I watched the people pass.
3. As they had no money, they couldn't make the trip.
4. While he was writing the novel, he remembered his childhood.
5. After I put down my book, I walked over to open the door.
6. As she was afraid, she didn't want to go home alone.
7. They changed the end of the play, which turned it into a comedy.
8. Because he feared the police would recognize him, the thief never went out in daylight.
9. If they stood on the tower, they could see the whole town.
10. Because it rains for two weeks, our holiday is completely ruined.

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