Elementary Grammar Exercise

Modal - Set:4 Can May Must
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Exercise: Fill in with


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1. If I ask him again, he ___ refuse.
2. Who ___ he be?
3. The alarm clock is ringing. It ___ be time to get up.
4. You had better take an umbrella. It ___ rain before evening.
5. Today ___ be the fifteenth of the month; I'm sure the day before yesterday was.
6. You ___ lose your keys, Jack. Look in all your pockets. They must be in one of them.
7. Let's not wait any longer; he ___ not come at all.
8. He must be at least sixty. Oh no, he ___ be so old.
9. Tom ate a huge supper; he ___ have been very hungry.
10. It ___ have taken you a few minutes to do this exercise.

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