Elementary Grammar Exercise

Perfect Tense - Set:6 Past Perfect Tense
Exercise: Fill in blank to make sentences in past perfect tense.

When it was dark, they ___ anything to eat. (not cook)
The answer should be "hadn't cooked"
 Answer Sheet
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1. He had nothing to write on because he ___ to buy paper. (forget)
2. When Tom arrived, they ___ yet. (not leave)
3. She ___ from holiday when the letter arrived. (return)
4. They ___ for a whole day and were very hungry indeed. (not eat)
5. The train ___, so I waited for the next one. (go)
6. Our guests ___ before, so we didn't need to introduce them to one another. (meet)
7. He told me Smith ___ to a football game. (go)
8. He got a letter to say that his uncle ___. (pass away)
9. Before I left classroom they all ___ grammar exercises of this section. (finish)
10. So sad when we heard that John ___ his ankle. (break)

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