Elementary Grammar Exercise

Infinitive - Set:4 Infinitive Clause
Exercise: Combine sentences with infinitive clause:


I write to him. (He asked)
The answer should be
"He asked me to write to him."

 Answer Sheet
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1. The pickpocket took the money. (I saw)
2. I dug my garden. (He helped)
3. He arrived early. (I saw)
4. She came with us. (We tried to persuade)
5. She sang English song beautifully. (I heard)
6. They played volleyball on the playground. (We watched)
7. The little boy learns to sing opera. (Grandpa teaches)
8. The pupils rested a while after class. (I let)
9. His son learns to play the piano. (Willis wants).
10. The girl is quiet. (Father told)

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