Elementary Grammar Exercise

Ellipsis/Inversion - Set:1 Subjunctive Mood - If
V2.107 (Latest revised: March 15, 2022)
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Exercise: in the following sentences, remove "if" from clauses. (Input new clause as an answer.)

If the news were true, he would be pleased.
The answer is, "Were the news true".

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1. If I had time, I would help you.
2. If it were necessary, we would do it again.
3. If he wrote to her, she would answer at once.
4. If you asked a policeman, he would tell you the way.
5. If I had the money, I would buy a new computer.
6. If you were English, you would know its background more.
7. If we had nothing to do, life would be monotonous.
8. If Anne had not introduced Harry, I should never have known him.
9. If you smoked less, you would feel better.
10. If he had asked me, I would have told him the answer.

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