Elementary Grammar Exercise

Passive Voice - Set:5 Make Passive Voice
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Exercise: Write sentences in the passive voice; some sentences are questions or/and with past tense.

(the office, clean, every day)
The answer should be
"The Office is cleaned every day."

(these rooms, clean, yesterday ?)
The answer should be
"Were these rooms cleaned yesterday?"
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1. (glass, make, from sand)
2. (stamps, sell, in a post office)
3. (this word, not, use, very often)
4. (we, allow, parking here ?)
5. (how, this word, pronounce)
6. (the house, paint, last month)
7. (three people, injure, in the accident last Sunday)
8. (when, this bridge, build ?)
9. (how, these windows, break, yesterday ?)
10. (you, invite, to Jon's party last week ?)

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