Elementary Grammar Exercise

Modal - Set:6 Need Dare
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Exercise: Answer the sentences with yes or no.

For both sentences:
Do I need to practice my English? (yes)
Need I practice my English? (yes)

The answer should be
"Yes, you need to practice your English."
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1. Need you use English in your work? (yes)
2. Need your father get up before seven o'clock? (no)
3. Does your mother need to buy an overcoat? (yes)
4. Do we need to do homework this weekend? (no)
5. Dare you drive the car alone? (no)
6. Dare she speak English in public? (yes)
7. Do they dare to climb a high mountain? (no)
8. Does your sister dare to swim across the river? (no)
9. Did you need to get up early yesterday? (no)
10. Do you dare to go out at midnight? (yes)

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