Elementary Grammar Exercise

Participle - Set:5 Perfect Tense
Exercise: Change clause to participle phrase in perfect tense.

When he had done his work, he went home.
The answer should be "Having done his work"
 Answer Sheet
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1. As I had lost my cap, I had to buy a new one.
2. After I listened to the radio, I went for a walk.
3. When I had taken some photos, I closed my camera.
4. As he had witnessed the crime, he was expected to give evidence in court.
5. After he had written his essay, the boy was allowed to go home.
6. When he had listened to the speaker for five minutes, he got up and left.
7. As he had finished the painting, he gave a sigh of relief.
8. Now that I have heard your argument, I am more inclined to agree with you.
9. After he had done his homework, the schoolboy began to play basket ball.
10. I hadn't finished it right, I tried again.

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