Elementary Grammar Exercise

Conjunction - Set:8 Leaving out That
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Exercise: Put in the right conjunction, with "that" for formal sentences, and without "that" for informal sentences.

The possible answers are:
now, now that
so, so that
provided, provided that
blank, that

[if you think the answer is blank, please input "x".]


In the informal style, we often leave out the conjunction "that" after very common verbs and adjectives.

She knew (that) I was right.

After so, such, now, provided, the "that" is also left out for informal style.
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1. ___ the plans have been approved, the company will be able to begin construction.
2. He may use the firm's car ___ he pays for all petrol used.
3. ___ Alan's arrived, we can start supper.
4. I left the bedroom open ___ I'd hear the phone.
5. You can go out ___ you're back in time.
6. Come in quietly ___ she doesn't hear you.
7. It was such a shock ___ I didn't know what to say.
8. I believe ___ you've seen this already.
9. ___ the exams are over I'm going to enjoy myself.
10. Closed-circuit TV was installed ___ everybody would be able to watch the performance.

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