Elementary Grammar Exercise

Infinitive - Set:5 For Infinitive
Exercise: Combine sentences with "... for ... infinitive ...":


It's important. The children go to bed early.
The answer should be
"It's important for the children to go to bed early."

 Answer Sheet
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1. It's foolish. The children play in the rain.
2. It's unnecessary. She buys a new dress every week.
3. It's necessary. I buy an umbrella.
4. It's hard. The students remember all the words.
5. It's nice. He lies under a tree in summer.
6. It's possible. They will come to dinner this evening.
7. It's impossible. We learn a new language in a short time.
8. It's helpful. The students repeat the sentences out loud.
9. Can you arrange? A car will take us there.
10. There are a lot of work. We will finish.

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