Elementary Grammar Exercise

Clause - Set:2 Object Clause
V2.107 (Latest revised: March 15, 2022)
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Exercise: Merge sentences using object clause.

Why is he late? (I don't understand)
The answer should be
"I don't understand why he is late."
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1. Where are you from? (Would you tell me)
2. What are you drawing? (Please tell me)
3. When does the train leave? (Could you tell me)
4. How long have you learned English? (I wonder)
5. What's the weather like in spring? (I want to know)
6. Will there be a lot of people at the party? (Do you think)
7. Where did the accident happen? (I'm not sure)
8. Who has taken your umbrella? (I don't know)
9. Where is the bank? (Could you tell me)
10. How long shall we have to wait? (Do you know)

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