Elementary Grammar Exercise

Clause - Set:3 Object Clause - Indirect Speech
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Exercise: Change direct speech to indirect speech by object clause.

"I haven't done my homework" (she says)
The answer should be
"She says that she hasn't done her homework."
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1. "I haven't got any money" (he'll tell you)
2. "I want to go home" (he has told me)
3. "I haven't seen my mother for years" (he says to me)
4. "I don't know how much it costs" (she says)
5. "We have never been to Berlin" (they say)
6. "I'm going to visit Europe this year" (the president will announce)
7. "The plane will land in half an hour" (the pilot has just announced)
8. "My father is an army officer" (he said)
9. "I am waiting for my report card" (Jack said)
10. "John's washing machine is broken" (he said)

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