Elementary Grammar Exercise

Interrogative - Set:7 Question-word Question
V2.107 (Latest revised: March 15, 2022)
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Exercise: Convert sentences to "question word" questions with when, where, how, or why.

They are sitting (under this tree).
The answer should be
"Where are they sitting?"

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1. He is coming back (on Sunday).
2. She looks (very well).
3. They arrived (last night).
4. The manager is (at the office) today.
5. They crossed the country (by bus).
6. (Since she was ill) she did not come to class.
7. She has left her glass (on the table).
8. They are working (silently and efficiently).
9. The soldier was rewarded (for his bravery).
10. The pond froze (last winter).

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