Elementary Grammar Exercise

Infinitive - Set:6 Perfect Infinitive
V2.107 (Latest revised: March 15, 2022)
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Exercise: Change part of the sentence with an infinitive or a perfect infinitive.

I hope (that I shall see) you again soon.
The answer should be "to see"

We are sorry (that we didn't come) on Monday.
The answer should be "not to have come"
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1. He was glad (that he was) able to help you.
2. My mother was sorry (that she had missed) you.
3. I am sorry (I give) you a great deal of trouble.
4. This is the coldest winter (that we have had) since 2008.
5. We were delighted (that we were ) able to visit you
6. There is no other way (that one can do) this work.
7. His brother was the youngest man (who had swum) across the river.
8. Who will be the first man (that lives) on the moon?
9. It seems (that I have made) a mistake.
10. It appeared (that he had done) the work well.

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