Elementary Grammar Exercise

Future Tense - Set:3 Future In The Past Tense
Exercise: Change given verbs to future-in-the-past tense.

I told him that I (arrive) at about two o'clock.
The answer should be "should arrive"

 Answer Sheet
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1. She wrote in the diary that she (remember) the story.
2. He answered that he (come) to see me.
3. My friends told me that they (try) to be early.
4. We told the committee that we (meet) them on Friday.
5. He wasn't sure whether he (be) able to pass the exam.
6. They rang up to say that they (leave) for York in the evening.
7. I told my friends I (be) fifth years old the next birthday.
8. He said that he (not forget) the matter.
9. I told her that I (not forget) it all my life.
10. The teacher said to the students that they (not know) the exam result till Monday.

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