Elementary Grammar Exercise

Adverb - Set:8 Fill In By Superlative
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Fill in the superlative form of the words in brackets.

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1. He takes the bus to school ____(frequently) in the morning.
2. Bill swims ____(well) in the class.
3. The team performs ____(badly) on the field when they don't practice.
4. He works ____(fast) when he is under pressure.
5. Cindy danced ____(gracefully) of all.
6. She sings ____(beautifully) of all the girls.
7. She is ____(likely) to become a lawyer after she finishes law school.
8. Jane speaks German ____(correctly) of all the students.
9. John works ____(quietly) of all the boys.
10. Susan plays ____(happily) of all the girls in the group.

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