Elementary Grammar Exercise

Conjunction - Set:10 clause without Conjunction
Exercise: We may use participle clause (present or past) without any conjunctions in sentence. Remove conjunctions from following sentences, rewrite the sentence led by conjunction to a participle clause.

As I didn't know what to do, I sat down to think.

The answer should be:
Not knowing what to do

 Answer Sheet
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1. As he had left school at 12, he had no qualifications.
2. If it is fried in butter, it tastes delicious.
3. The water came into the house, and flooded the downstairs rooms.
4. As I knew his tastes, I took him a box of chocolates.
5. A car broke down in Bond Street, and caused a traffic jam.
6. As I didn't want to surprise her, I phoned before I went round.
7. If it is sent with first class, it should arrive tomorrow.
8. As I had failed to persuade John, I tried to his brother.
9. It rained for two weeks, and completely ruined our holiday.
10. If it is used in right way, it will last for weeks.

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