Elementary Grammar Exercise

Clause - Set:5 Indirect Speech Without Clause
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Exercise: Change direct speech to indirect speech, don't use any clause.

John said: "Sit down, Mary."
The answer should be
"John told Mary to sit down."
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1. Tom's father said to him: "Don't be late."
2. The teacher said: "Be quiet, children."
3. My father told me: "Don't spend too much money on holiday."
4. The master said to us: "Finish the exercise now."
5. Lee invited me: "Come to my birthday party."
6. The doctor said to the patient: "Don't work too hard for a few months."
7. The landlady said to them: "Don't use the phone after 11 o'clock."
8. Anne reminded him: "Don't miss the party."
9. The agent calls me: "Bring all report cards."
10. He said to his friends: "Take part in the game immediately."

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