Elementary Grammar Exercise

Present Tense - Set:1 Simple Present
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Exercise: choose the correct form for specified verbs.


Simple present

1) We use the simple present for permanent situations and things that are generally true:
The sun rises in the east.

2) We can use the simple present for habits, things that happen regularly, with verbs that describe current states and in informal reports or instructions:
She is our English teacher.

3) We also use the simple present when we perform an action by speaking:
I promise to be there by 5:30.

4) We use the simple present to express future time, after some conjunctions:
She'll give it to you when you come next week.

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1. My neighbour ____ (come) from England.
2. We sometimes ____(read) books.
3. I always ____(hurry) to the bus station.
4. Two plus two ____(make) four.
5. The train ____(start) at ten o'clock in the morning.
6. What time ____(be) it now?
7. Marry ____(play) piano two hours a day.
8. The children ____ (wash) their hands before eating.
9. Some people ____(hate) tomato in sandwiches.
10. The computer ____(need) to be repaired.

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